A site to advocate for the future of our neighborhood

What you can do


Right now,volunteers are desperately needed. The Cobble Hill Association needs the following:

  • Architects

  • Environmental activists
  • Legal help

  • Zoning and Land use experts

  • Talented PR people

  • General tech help

Contact the Cobble Hill Association: http://cobblehillassociation.blogspot.com

At NO TOWERS IN COBBLE HILL; we need help getting the word out:

  • Creating and distributing materials
  • Organizing
  • Outreach
  • Tech support

Email us at info@notowersincobbleorg

Click herefor a fabulous list of your representatives. Call them, visit, write. Show them you care.


We will have informational postcards to hand out soon. Reach out to us and we'll get you some to give to you and your neighbors.



Fortis has not closed on the property. WRITE TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVES, and write to Preet Bharara. This will be a long process, but for now, here are some meaningful things you can do. Soon, we hope to have more information on what we're facing. Join our email list so we can keep you in the loop. Meanwhile:

  • Write to The US Attorney's Office if you feel something about this entire process is off.
  • Join the Cobble Hill Association's (CHA) Mailing List
  • Write to Brad Lander
  • Write to everyone else. Here is a full contact list.
  • Join our Facebook page
  • Tell your neighbors about this or help with this "No Towers" project.
  • Co-op and condo presidents, get in touch with us.
  • Express yourself on blogs, call in shows, and in comments online. The message? We support affordable housing. We don't want towers in Cobble Hill.

Click here to see what we do want.