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NEWS UPDATE: 10/20/2018

We have not kept this up to date for various reasons - but if you have news or would like to be in touch about this project, please email us. This website is here for you. Email us at: mscrescent@aol.com.

NEWS UPDATE 2/4/17  Development has been proceeding as expected on the LICH site. Buildings are coming down and there's scaffolding up on the corner of Amity and Henry Streets. Fortis has filed several sets of plans with the DOB for at least three buildings so far: Here it is from Curbed: http://ny.curbed.com/2016/12/7/13874666/long-island-college-hospital-new-apartment-buildings.  Plans for a 28 Story building were filed as well: https://therealdeal.com/2016/12/22/fortis-files-plans-for-next-building-in-lich-redevelopment/

NEWS UPDATE 11/24/16  There was a community meeting called by the Cobble Hill Association on Mon., Nov. 13th. They presented the latest news and developments regarding Fortis' LICH development. You can read more about these meetings at our Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/notowersincobblehill.

It looks like the cluster of buildings will be built as an "As-of-right" project. We will know more when plans are filed with the Dept. of Buildings. Watch for more updates from the Cobble Hill Association or various NYC real estate and local publications.
NEWS UPDATE 11/4/16   Well here it is: Fortis announced they are going for the As-of-right development. No affordable housing. Just luxury condos. Read about it here: at Politico.com.  Brad Lander seems to be holding steady on behalf of the neighborhood, but continue to make your views known.

10/30  Happy Halloween! Here's a link to an update from the CHA on the Fortis development ...it's very informative. Work is proceeding on LICH demolition, meanwhile. Is it going to be an AOR or ULURP solution? Join the conversation at our Facebook page. Meanwhile, here's one neighbor's rendering of what we might be looking at (mass + height only, not design.)

8/2  Here's a fascinating article from the New York Times: "Brooklyn Hospital’s Sale, Backed by de Blasio and Cuomo, Is Drawing Federal Scrutiny"....read the NY Times article

7/26: This news appeared in the Daily News today: De Blasio and the sale of the LICH campus to Fortis is on Preet Bharara's radar. http://nypost.com/2016/07/25/feds-probe-de-blasios-involvement-in-brooklyn-hospital-sale  • Stay in touch with us on our Facebook page. We're at No Towers in Cobble HIll.  More at our news page

UPDATE 6/3: It definitely isn't over. There's a battle between the city and state of the Pier 6 Development. Today, you can read about the city's intention - in spite of total local opposition - to build condos on Pier 6.

UPDATE: 5/26: Reports continue about the changing fortunes surround development in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Read this from the Brooklyn Eagle: the state may not support development in BBP. Or as they put it in their print edition: "'Pay to Play'suspicions Hit PPB's Pier 6."...."Park or Profit Center?"

UPDATE: 5/26: Reports continue about the changing fortunes surround development in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Read this from the Brooklyn Eagle: the state may not support development in BBP. Or as they put it in their print edition: "'Pay to Play' suspicions Hit PPB's Pier 6."...."Park or Profit Center?"

5/14 - With all the focus on Bill de Blasio's campaign finance practices and Cuomo being in Preet Bharara's sights (who knows where this will lead) things have been quiet on the Fortis front. There was a Cobble Hill Association election the other day - Click here for that news. You can read about the Cobble Hill election here in the Brooklyn Paper.

UPDATE: 5/6/16 - Here's this article in from the Red Hook Start: Click here to read it.

The title: Op-Ed: Mayor’s problems put LICH deal under renewed scrutiny. Let's hope so.

UPDATE, 3/16: Besides reporting that FORTIS plans to file a new ULURP request for the right to rezone the LICH site, The Cobble Hill Association has reported that the Association has been "researching the full range of potential legal issues that bear on the redevelopment of the LICH site." We support their efforts, which will eventually include fundraising to support this legal track. Read More from the Cobble Hill Association.

UPDATE 2/23: Demolition was briefly delayed at the LICH Site, but an agreement was reached with neighbors allowing work to resume. Read more here.

UPDATE 12/16: The Cobble Hill Association present its petition on behalf of Cobble Hill, to our representatives. Read more here

UPDATE: 11/20 - The Cobble Hill Association is putting together a petition. Please take a look at their position, and see if it aligns with yours. CLICK HERE for more. The Wednesday night meeting in Cobble Hill had good attendance and alignment among residents according to the CHA. Read more about it here, on Curbed. "Lander was joined by State Senator Daniel Squadron and State Assemblyperson Jo Anne Simon. All three announced publicly that they were opposed to the ULURP Plan." Fortis continues creating false opposition as they canvas Cobble Hill giving misleading information to residents.

UPDATE: 11/10 - Things are heating up. The Cobble Hill Association is holding block meetings to bring neighbors up to date. And there is lots of press coverage of Fortis' plans. Visit our News Page for links. We also need to remind you: DO NOT ANSWER CANVASSERS CLAIMING TO BE FORTIS OR SIGN PETITIONS FROM PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW: It's Fortis, stirring the pot and creating the illusion that we want towers. JOIN THE CHA EMAIL LIST. This is one of the most important thing you can do to stay on top of these issues. The CHA needs volunteers to help with research (legal and real estate). Volunteer!


Fortis posted their plans online. Click here to see them.

De Blasio: private consultants help shape city hall from The New York Times. read more

To many pricey condos in Brooklyn? From curbed.com. Read more

A few weeks ago, Fortis threw out this "alternate" plan. Click here to read.

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UPDATE: 10/23 - Fortis' newest proposal adds an additional 200,000 to the "as-of-right" plan. Read about it here on CURB's website. This is not a good development, and it increases the original plan's capacity by 33%. Meanwhile, visit us on Facebook, and Send us your news & observations. And DON'T FORGET TO JOIN THE COBBLE HILL ASSOCIATION EMAIL LIST. This is one of the most important thing you can do to stay on top of neighborhood issues. The CHA needs volunteers to help with research, especially legal and real estate-oriented efforts. Please volunteer!

UPDATE: 10/23 - Fotis now has their own website dedicated to the "towers project." Here's a comparison of the two plans: FORTIS LICH PROJECT SITE. The Fortis Towers issue is ramping up. Here's an interesting link: Student dorms coming to Cobble Hill? Could be getting 260,000 sq ft. of college students? More soon.

UPDATE: October 20: We've posted some links to recent articles, as Fortis' plans evolve. Stay tuned for more news and write your representatives if you have not yet done so!