A site to advocate for the future of our neighborhood

Who are we?


Interested neighbors. Cobble Hill residents. People who never miss an election. Native New Yorkers who are tired of being pushed around by endless development projects and towers catering to the world's wealthiest individuals at the expense of the locals (isn't it always that way?) Decent people who support affordable housing. Folks who don't want to see their neighborhood ruined so someone can make a few dollars.


About Us

There are Four purposes to No Towers in Cobble Hill:


1. To advocate for responsible growth and development.

2. To provide outreach and information about this project.
3. To pay for campaigns that raise awareness and reach our representatives.
4. To encourage and channel volunteers to various groups addressing this project on behalf of the community.

Join us. We need help with our efforts. Send us an email telling us your area of interest. Help, donate, volunteer.