ULURP definition

from the Department of City Planning’s website:

"The New York City Charter requires certain actions that are reviewed by the City Planning Commission to undergo a Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP). ULURP is a standardized procedure whereby applications affecting the land use of the city would be publicly reviewed.  The Charter also established mandated time frames within which application review must take place. Key participants in the ULURP process are now the Department of City Planning (DCP) and the City Planning Commission (CPC), Community Boards, the Borough Presidents, the Borough Boards, The City Council and the Mayor."

Above: Councilman Brad Lander (right) at community meeting in May. The Fortis team met local residents. Below: An overview of the “ULURP version” of the planned (LICH) development. Renderings courtesy of Williams New York.

About THe Cobble Hill FORTIS PROJECT

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Above: Fortis' plan for Pacific Street. Rendering courtesy of Williams New York.

We will be posting more renderings of this project soon.



Here are some issues that are going to come up as this project evolves:

  • Schools proposed with this development.
  • Affordable housing.

  • Environmental issues

  • Traffic

If you have any interest or experience in these areas, contact the Cobble Hill Association or email us here. We'll direct you to other people working on this project.



FORTIS just published their own project description. Click here to see the most accurate summary of the project to date.


In a highly controversial process, a 100 year old hospital was closed (LICH) in 2014. Located at the end of Atlantic Ave., this site is now for sale. Fortis is planning to purchase the LICH site, and they have put several development proposals on the table. They are distinguished by whether they are "As-of-Right" or "ULURP (see definition to your right.)  As-of-right is what can be built with no approval or zoning changes. ULURP requires zoning approval. We will be posting more about these distinctions soon, but here are some basic facts:

ULURP Proposal
  • 1,115,000 total sq. ft.
  • Doubles the amount of development allowed under "as-of-right."
  • 820 total units
  • 20% affordable housing
  • 40 story tower, 20 story tower, 30 story tower, 16 story tower will be constructed.
  • 6 story addition to H-shaped hospital building, Polhemus building converted to residential units.
  • 7 new townhouses on Amity St
  • 454 parking spaces
  • Street level retail spaces along Pacific St

As-Of-Right Proposal

  • 542,000 total sq. ft.
  • 44 story tower, 19 story tower, 14 story tower, and 11 story tower will be constructed
  • H-shaped hospital building and Polhemus converted into residential units.